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  1. destiny willis on July 17, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Hello my name is Destiny Willis. I have 6 children with my husband. And my father (Richard Dorris) sued us for guardianship of our kids after we gave him $6000 and told him that we were not paying him anymore than that we would be moved at summertime and therefore he used that money to hire a lawyer so we would be required to be in Arkansas to appear in court. we are tired of his controlling behavior. If we don’t do what he says when he says he starts a big fight with us. He used our family for his personal gain. He used our kids on his taxes so he could get money back. We reported him and nothing has been done. He took us to court in 2012 which he lost. Now he has taken us to court again. My husband and I were both in counseling and getting our oldest three children into counseling too. The therapist had stated that we need to keep our family away from my father. We also had been in contact with DHS/CPS about the situation and they also agree that we need to refrain from contact with him. We took out a no contact order on my father on May 4, (the same day he stalked my phone records and contacted the SACS agency that issues the order and proceeded to question the representative) which he violated almost immediately, gave my oldest son a cell phone and told him to hide it, then served us guardianship papers after the no contact order was issued. He brainwashed my oldest son to dislike and disrespect us, by constantly telling him untrue things to make him believe we are bad people/parents, that we don’t care about him, don’t love him, don’t want to take care of him. My father’s lawyer (Lance Owens) came to us on 6/8/16 and said “If u give up your oldest son he will let us keep the other 5 kids.” The lawyer also told that to my oldest son when they were talking. I wouldn’t think the lawyer could say that to him. I also feel that the entire conversation my dad’s attorney was essentially bullying my son. The attorney also stated to my son that he was going to tell his grandpa whatever he said during the conversation as soon as he left and that my father was sure to win because Lance and Judge Smith are friends. My son came to me asking if it would be better for his brother and sisters if we just let him go live with my dad because he didn’t want his brother and sisters to be taken away and made to live with my father, or whoever my father sent them to as he had previously stated he planned to send them to different relatives as he could not take care of all of them, and he only wants my oldest son anyway.

    My father came over and started to yell at me for no reason. He wanted us to come to the lake by his house. Told him were not going and it took 30mins for him to leave and he only left cause my husband hollered at me to come here. We asked him to stay away from us but he don’t listen. He thinks he can do what he wants when he wants. He showed up the previous weekend as well I just happened to be outside and saw him driving down the street we live on, I truly believe that he does this frequently and that he either planned to just drive by the house or knock on the door hoping for my oldest son to answer it. quite frankly we don’t want anything to do with him. I asked him why he is doing what he is doing and he stated “This is the only way I can make sure you don’t move, the only way I can get rid of (your husband) because you aren’t strong enough or willing to do it yourself.” He also stated that if I agreed to court ordered visitation for him that we could work it out without going to court, because court ordered visitation means we have to let him see my oldest son meaning we can’t move and he can “keep an eye on what is going on with us”.

    When my mom died in 2007. He changed the life ins. Policy to his name took me and my sister off of it. But my mom left him in 2002. I have contacted multiple people regarding this with no results. Don’t think she changed it to him. He gave my sister her part so she could buy a house. He used my part to buy me a house and put it in his name and when we didn’t do what he said he kicked us out of the house. And he sold the house and kept the money for himself. He bought another house and said it was ours, now he says if I stay with my husband we can’t stay here anymore. He has to be in charge of everything. He has called DHS/CPS for the past thirteen years, even when we lived in a different state than him, and every investigation has been found untrue. DHS/CPS cleared us just the week before court stating the home was safe and that the use of marijuana was not a justifiable legal reason to remove children from their homes.

    Recently my son and daughter have made statements to us that my son was given alcohol by my father, routinely the two of them lock themselves into my father’s bedroom for long amounts of time, and my son has stated that he has watched pornographic movies while staying at my father’s house. On three separate occasions while under my father’s supervision, the local authorities have brought my son back to his house, 1. Destructing property by trashing a church bus, 2. Breaking into the school lunchroom, 3. Burning paper beside school band room. My father does not supervise my son he allows him to run around town for hours, and routinely left him there alone. When we try to stop allowing my oldest son to stay the night at his house my father becomes aggressive, agitated, and threatening. My son has never gotten into trouble while under my or his father’s supervision. The more time my son spends away from seeing or contacting my father the more he opens up, the less depressed he seems, he interacts with his siblings in a nicer more caring way. While in contact with my father my son seems withdrawn, depressed, does not interact with his siblings as much, and feels bad about having fun, he is stressed and anxious. For instance, on one occasion we were all at home (my spouse, myself, and our children), playing games, watching tv, we played outside for a bit, around 7 or 8 o’clock my son received a text message from my father asking are you alright haven’t heard from you. My son told him the events of the day. And in response my father texted you don’t love me no more is that why you didn’t text or call me today. My son’s entire demeanor changed in that moment. He didn’t want to talk about it, he was in tears, felt like he did something wrong. This is not a one time thing it happens anytime my son does not contact him for a few hours. My father is like a weight on my son’s shoulders constantly trying to make him feel like its his responsibility to take care of him and make him feel like he is not alone and if my son shows any indication that he is having a good time without him my father plays on his emotions and makes him feel guilty for being a kid. Over the past (almost 2 months) of no contact with my father I have seen that weight being slowly lifted and my son is happier, more sociable with his family, instead of brooding and shutting us out he talks to us about how he is feeling and what he has on his mind, overall he seems more like the thirteen year old boy he is.

    We can’t take the abuse anymore and don’t know what to do. Or where to turn. were stuck until july 18 that is when the custody court is. It hurts me everyday never thought so called family would do this. Didn’t have money for a lawyer because he took it all. He took half my pay checks.
    On July 18, 2016. Lance Owens came to us prior to the beginning of the hearing and again offered for us to give my father ethan and we would be able to keep the other five and be left alone because the verdict was in the bag he had already won, we refused. we had the guardianship hearing where my father and his lawyer had “witnesses” who outright lied on the stand every witness having something to gain by my father receiving guardianship of our children. my father and his lawyer lied and manipulated the court system since we did not have a lawyer due to the fact that my father had already spoken to every lawyer in the area so it would be conflict of interest to represent us. Judge Smith refused to allow us to object to anything my father’s side did or lied about, never answered any of the motions we filed, Lance filed a motion in the morning and it was answered by the afternoon. We attempted to tell the judge the offer Lance and my father had proposed on multiple occasions to which we were told to shut up and he didn’t want to hear it. The judge stated that he was giving my father the children because my husband uses marijuana medically and I enable him to do so. The judge is discriminatory with medical beliefs different from his own. Ultimately the judge granted my father guardianship. He set visitation at the discretion of my father.
    In the six days since the ruling my father removed my children from therapy, missed my youngest child’s Echocardiogram appointment, placed my children in the care of a stranger where two of my children were been bitten by her child, and my youngest child fell down the bunk bed stairs while unsupervised.
    In the months since the guardianship was granted my children have been repeatedly left home alone on one of those occasions my daughter (12) was left alone with the three smaller children (5,4,3) all of which were running fever the youngest at 105 my mother in law went to my fathers house to help the children. My father later texted my husband and told him not to send anyone to his house then refused to let the children text or call us. The children are punished by not being able to talk to us whenever he is mad at them or us.
    My father and I made an agreement that I was going to move into the house I was originally in and put the utilities in my name (once this was done we were supposed to get to see the kids more, they would be allowed to stay at the house with us. I never would have made the agreement otherwise.) We ordered the transfer of the electric on feb 8 2017 to be completed on feb 10 2017 and notified my father that this was the case and we would be at the house on feb 10 to meet the electric technician. Entergy electric also notified my father via text message that the electric would be transferred on Feb 10 and that someone would need to meet the technician, that if he did not want it transferred to contact him my father called them and claimed that he called previously on Feb 6 to tell them he was the tenant and was not moving and did not want the electric transferred (phone records do not reflect a call to Entergy other than the call on the 8th of Feb.) Entergy cancelled the transfer but did not contact me in any way. On feb 10 my father shows up with the police and has us FALSELY arrested for criminal trespass we tried to get the police officers to look at the text messages we had showing that we were told to be here but the officer stated he didn’t want to hear it and it was all our fault. This resulted in 700$ to get out of jail so I could get to work on time and my husband having to cancel his foot surgery as now he couldn’t stay at the house he was going to be staying at when he scheduled the surgery. The doctor has since dismissed my husband as his patient because he cancelled surgery.
    We met with the children and my father at the park for visitation with the kids after feb 10. He asked to speak with us and during the conversation we asked him why did he do that his response was well you got me arrested. (this conversation was recorded). Our oldest son invited us to attend church with him and we started attending church my father even let us take all six of them to church on family night while he stayed home that was the last time we got to visit talk to or see the children. On mar 2 my father had a process server deliver us papers at my husbands disability hearing (how he knew we were there I have yet to figure out) stating that we had 24 hours to take a drug test at a specific facility in Jonesboro. Which then provided my fathers lawyer ( My fathers attorney LANCE OWENS of OMG Law Firm then sent me an email stating he was DEMANDING reimbursement of 130$ for the supposedly failed drug test within ten days or he was going to file a motion for CONTEMPT.) with positive results that the lab in Illinois confirm as being NEGATIVE. That was the last day the kids were allowed to text or call us. until march 8th and only the oldest boy is allowed to text me not Richard. On march 8 my husband went to church as usual (I was working) and our two boys were there the younger one was sitting with my husband and the older one called his grandfather when the younger one refused to sit somewhere else my father then made the younger who was now crying leave church and go back to his house with him.
    On Father’s day he told us last minute that we could see the children upon arriving at the meeting place “mcdonalds” we were served drug test papers and expected to be there the next day. My father and the children were late arriving as I assume he was waiting for confirmation that we had already been served.
    My father is still refusing to allow us to speak to or see the children when he is angry. The judge ordered family counseling and there has been none. He is calling every potential employer in the area and speaking with them. My father is doing everything he can think of to prevent us from GETTING OUR KIDS
    BACK. Even going so far as to illegally claim them as dependants on this years and previous taxes so we couldn’t claim them and use the money to hire a lawyer and take him back to court. We reported this to the IRS with a response of my husband and I being audited. I should have listened to my husband when he said we should not trust him. He has done us wrong for so long.
    We have contacted legal aid, CPS and lawyers in the area and have yet to receive any assistance in our efforts to get our family back and expose this injustice and violation of our families right to be together. I think the only move I have left to make is to contact reporters and news stations about how our family was destroyed by a corrupt court system. We have contacted the court reporter on multiple occasions attempting to obtain a copy of the hearing transcript, with no response. We have explored every legal avenue that we have knowledge of and can afford with no results. No one wants to get involved with going against a judges ruling, no one wants to tell Judge smith he made the wrong decision.
    We are not the only family that has been affected by the rulings of Judge Smith. He has removed children from homes for all sorts of reasons example one working parent, one parent uses marijuana, etc. And in the alternate allowed children to stay in homes of methamphetamine users/makers. It all depends on who you are and who you know when it comes to Judge Smith.
    If anyone has any advice it would greatly be appreciated and thank you for reading. This is just the short story. There is lot more going on.

    Thank you Destiny Willis

    Sharp county circuit court case number PR2016-68

  2. Marty Sexton on July 19, 2017 at 10:37 pm


    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I have been nice to yall,,, and give whiterivercurren.com nothing but respect… and still do… but today on the phone i was treated less then human for the respect i give yall,,, the pedofiles in this town has no problem advertiseing… also im a US Verteran Iraqi Freedom 2004… and a member of honorsociety… and a legal licesenced pastor worldword anywhere… and a church for my faith and religion is my right and freedom that you broke… just to make people happy in this town i suppose… Sir with all due respect if we dont fight fof are freedoms we will have non…ive contacted my global lawyer to contact yoj and a national lawyer as well and freedom of press heritage
    they will be in contact with you About you PAPER and how u put what you want to n it and leave out others ads….
    thank you
    marty sexton

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