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  1. Johnny Harrison on September 17, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Every Sunday I look at an auditorium filled with people who were influenced by one person, not solely by the Lord mind you, but by a very remarkable woman.
    As I gaze around the congregation, I see two sisters, who always sit ever so close together and are rarely if ever absent from the assembly. These ladies, who remind me constantly of Mary and Martha, are the consummate laborers in the congregation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these two women compromise the backbone of our Sunday School program, and to think they are the granddaughters of the rather amazing woman I mentioned previously.
    These two sisters are surrounded each and every Sunday by four daughters in total, three belonging to the older and one to the younger. Of the daughters, most serve as teachers in the Sunday School program as well, or they serve in some other capacity within the congregation. Most importantly, each of these ladies as well have chosen to submit their lives to the Lord. These four daughters in turn have their own families who surround them on Sundays as well. As I look over those assembled, I see husbands and children, eight in number, who have been influenced by the women who descend from that rather amazing woman so many generations back.
    It does not end there. I see two cousins, direct descendants from that same woman, being her great-great grandchildren. One serving as a pillar within the congregation, a devout man of service, and his humble, tenderhearted cousin. Her husband, also a pillar in the congregation, spends so much time with his cousin-in-law, and they share so many of the same interests, I have often quipped they share the same brain. If I were pressed to liken them to bible persons, it would have to be James and John, the sons of Thunder. Both of these men have families of their own, unfortunately for our congregation, only one of the two still has boys at home. The other, even though his boys are grown with families of their own, has still managed to instill in them the importance of the Gospel. They also are members of the Lord’s body, just serving in other congregations.
    There are empty spots I see each Sunday too. Places that have been vacated, because the Lord has called His servants home. One belonging to the father of one of the men just mentioned. Another belonging to my father-in-law. Oh yes, my wife is also the great granddaughter of that same remarkable lady who generations ago instilled in her children the importance of the Church, obedience to the Gospel, and a love for the Lord. She influenced generation after generation, and her hand can still be felt today in the lives of those who descend from her.
    Every Sunday I see proof that one person can make a difference in the lives of others.
    Norfork church of Christ – Serving Norfork and surrounding communities for over one hundred years.

  2. Glen blundell on October 5, 2022 at 7:10 pm

    After spending a week or so in our local hospital I would like to make a great big shout out for all who work there. I was blessed beyond measure with staff and the facility. The familiar faces are a real asset in the healing process. Dr. Lane makes you feel like you are the only one in the room.The nursing staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable after a major surgery. Can’t say enough about Susan and Jennifer in Physical Therapy are just the greatest. Always encouraging and pushing you to do better. If you can have a great stay in the hospital, I had it. Thanks home town Calico Rock

  3. Sophia Lee on April 19, 2023 at 1:02 pm

    Covid Story
    My son, John Lee, Jr., and I are being stalked, and my daughter, Rachel Lorene Lee is being held as a hostage somewhere in Oklahoma because of a report I submitted to 1000+ mass media outlets. The following is a copy of the report:
    My husband, John Lee Sr, lost his mother and father in Oklahoma the week of December 7, 2020, which was the same week of his birthday. Currently more than 5000 complaint cases related to Covid 19 nursing homes deaths in the state of New York (Michel, 2021). Citizens everywhere are demanding answers from officials and legislators regarding the treatment of nursing homes patients before and after exposure to the Covid 19 virus. Answers to questions such as were the number of Covid 19 nursing home deaths incorrect in every state (Hogan et al., 2021)? Although the following series of events leads to mostly circumstantial evidence, a seven-year series of a chain of events leads to certain conclusions about the nursing home healthcare organizations in America.
    Long-Term Care:
    Between 2001 and 2005, a national healthcare organization headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas was sued out of existence under suspicious circumstances (Cockburn, 2016). Beverly Enterprises was a long-term health care organization that provided nursing home services plus other healthcare services including skilled nursing facility (SNF), physical therapy, home health, and hospice services in 20+ states. The last lawsuit against Beverly Enterprises was because of an Arkansas nursing home neglect issue. It was rumored some of the same law firms that sued Beverly Enterprises later became some of the top campaign contributors to Senator Mark Pryor, D-AR 2004 election and were also donors to the Clintons. Mark Pryor was the only Democrat candidate to win the U.S. Senate campaign in 2003). Before Mark Pryor was elected U.S. Senator-D, AR, he was the Attorney General of Arkansas from 1999 to 2003. He was directly involved with the former prosecution of Beverly Enterprises.
    By 2006, Beverly Enterprises was bought by the San Francisco, California based Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC. Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC is a group with liberal-leaning board members and top investors known to have close ties to both Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons. According to Jake (2011) from the RedState website, Nancy Pelosi was the first candidate who ran her campaign on the phrase ‘drain the swamp.’ The Fillmore Capital Partners purchased Beverly Enterprises for pennies on the dollar (Bos MSc et al., 2017) just before Obama became President in 2008 and the Affordable Care Act (2010). During the first-year advertising campaign expense reported by Golden Living was reported as hundreds of billions of dollars (not millions). In 2012 the company requested economic stimulus bailout money from the U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.
    Other Healthcare Industries:
    Before Obamacare became law in 2010, it was not unusual to hear about large healthcare organizations sued or fined by the federal government for unethical conduct. After Obamacare became law in 2010, it appears health care insurance fraud and corruption increased rather than decreased because of the sharp decline in the same investigations. One factor that contributed to the potential for increased corruption includes the political nepotism appointments in health care ‘administrative’ careers.
    According to Steve Hilton (2017) the political ‘administrative’ cronyism in large healthcare organizations is extensive. In a Fox News, Swamp Watch video titled Hospitals Hilton (2019) reported, large healthcare systems such as Ascension Health, based out of Saint Louis, Missouri grew exponentially under Obamacare. Today, Ascension Health is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the heartland. Ascension has acquired Community Care, a Medicare contracted insurance company that is owned by healthcare providers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
    Other Important Facts:
    • In another DNC ‘smash and grab’ of a large organization, President Obama and ‘friends’ (Madison, 2018) purchased the University of Phoenix. The same school I graduated from in 2016 majoring in Mass Communications/Journalism. During my 2013 school year I wrote a report based on a Forbes (2011) article titled “Why Switzerland Has the World’s Best Healthcare” (Roy, 2011). I explained in an essay why U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the strongest dissenting opinion against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Justice Scalia expected ongoing constitutional court challenges to Obamacare and addressed some of the potential challenge scenarios in his written decision.
    • In 2018, someone from the District of Columbia purchased the apartment my family just moved into located at 4240 S 109th E Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The same people had trouble purchasing all the apartment complexes on 109th East Street in Tulsa. During the same year, I began receiving threatening phone calls from people stating I would be arrested for bank fraud and money laundering. I immediately reported the occurrence to the FBI. Both my son and I were poisoned while living here and other places of residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We did file local police reports.
    • My family has been stalking repeatedly by two people in three states including Oklahoma, Missouri, and Tennessee. The two people repeatedly stalking me are Jay Sekulow from the ACLJ and Anthony R Tersigni from the Ascension Healthcare group based in Saint Louis, Missouri. I believe they are both connected to the threatening phone calls.
    • On July 2022, my son, John Lee, Jr. and I me became employee of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center EVS department located in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after Vanderbilt Medical Center I began to notice my managers were wearing clothes they could not afford to purchase. I was also diagnosed with an reoccurring allergy to the cleaners they use to clean hospital rooms. Although I applied to for other jobs in the Medical Center, the University, and outside the company after citing their own guidelines, my manager, Franetta Green and other EVS managers told their bosses not to more me because I was too stupid to learn a clearing job or any other job. Also, Vanderbilt University Center announced they received a grant for funding a new inpatient medical center. The grant was promised by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Jay Sekulow. We also noticed multiple press releases from Vanderbilt University Medical Center that involved controversial medical practices on minors. Finally, we noticed an increase of activity from the Black Lives Matter agenda on the campus beginning in 2022.
    During the Covid 19 pandemic, an estimated 30+ states passed emergency laws granting nursing homes immunity from lawsuits related to patient treatments of the Covid 19 virus (Rowland, 2021). The laws granting immunity to nursing homes in some states may be overturned and declared unconstitutional in future court cases for various reasons (Michel, 2021). One reason includes multiple health care providers who have admitted the patient’s cause of death coded with the Covid 19 virus were coded incorrectly. Another reason was some patients with less than a six-month prognosis died from the original diagnosis rather than the Covid 19 virus. The good news is many lawyers in various states agree the emergency medical immunity clause for long-term care is a violation of a patient’s civil rights and these cases should be handled in the legal systems. Most citizens agree the nursing home medical immunity laws set a very bad precedent for future national medical emergencies.
    Vanderbilt University files false charges on Sophia Lee to kill Covid story:
    On July 2022, my son, John Lee, Jr., and I became employees of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) in the EVS department in Nashville, Tennessee. Soon after my son and I began working at VUMC, I noticed my managers wearing expensive clothing. During the same time, VUMC announced they had received funding for a new inpatient tower to be built in a couple of years (Walker, 2022). My son and I were working in the current inpatient tower. I immediately knew who was involved with promising VUMC the money- President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Jay Sekulow.
    Shortly after working in the EVS Department, I was also diagnosed with a reoccurring allergy to the cleaners used to clean hospital rooms. The allergic reactions included skin rashes and eye irritations. Because of the allergic response to Vanderbilt cleaners, I applied for a transfer out of the department. Unfortunately, my transfer requests were denied repeatedly by Vanderbilt University management. I also began applying for 50+ jobs with other employers during the same time. Unfortunately, every application I submitted to other employers was also denied. The main reason for the denials was because my Vanderbilt EVS Managers stated I was too stupid and laze to learn a cleaning job. They did not give me or my son a copy of our 90 day evaluations and we never signed it.
    My son and I began to notice increased activity from the Black Lives Matter agenda on the Vanderbilt University Medical Center campus starting in the summer of 2022. Currently, VUMC is known as a haven for the BLM movement. Also, I watched an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight (2022) that opened my eyes to some of what VUMC academic culture, and decided the University was not a fit for us. Furthermore, I heard multiple press releases from Vanderbilt University Medical Center that involved controversial medical procedures on minors (Brown & Wegner, 2022). These factors drove my decision to apply for jobs with other employers.
    On November 11, 2022, after I twisted my ankle and was suffering from touching Vanderbilt cleaners, I bumped into my supervisor, Franetta Green, while carrying 50+ pounds of wet rags. The EVS supervisor, an African American, immediately began accusing me of pushing her. I was astonished by the accusation. My EVS managers knew I had previously bumped into several nurses, caused one transporter to bump a patient into hospital equipment, and broke several medical devices in patient room.
    I reported most errors in judgment to EVS Department management. However, I knew my managers would not allow me to transfer to another department even though Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s transfer policy permitted exceptional circumstances transfers, including allergic reactions to cleaners. My EVS manager knew I was having problems dealing with allergic reactions to their cleaners. One week later, on November 17, I was called to the manager’s office and asked to write down what happened when I bumped into my supervisor, Franetta Green.
    I did as requested, and then my managers said they wanted me to talk to Vanderbilt University Medical Center security. My son, John Lee, Jr, was working with me that day, and I left him with the manager in the office area. I walked to the security team area, where I was informed, I was being charged with a minor assault charge five days after the incident with the manager. I was my son’s only source of getting home, I requested to give him the money to call a cab so he could get home. My EVS Managers denied the request. I was handcuffed and taken to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, where I was charged with assault. Even though I was told the charging process would only take a couple of hours, I was left in jail for eight hours before I was released without bond. My son was left without a ride home for four hours after he clocked out. The third shift manager finally decided to take him home. My Davidson County Court date is set for January 6, 2023.
    My son and I turned up at on January 6, 2023 to the court house. A Davidson County court representative stated the meeting was not a trial and I could schedule the trail at a later date. We were hoping to end this ordeal and be heard by a judge, but it was rescheduled for May 1, 2023. I thanked him for the information and left. My court appointed attorney is Brian Love.
    Other facts:
    Ten minutes before I was arrested by Vanderbilt Police, I had sent emails to four Tennessee State Republican Representatives. One hour before I was arrested, I received a email back from BCBS of Tennessee stating I was considered for a full-time salary job and was sent to second round interview process. I am sure these were the factors led the arrest decision by EVS management.

    Sophia Lee
    1722 N College Ste. C #178
    Fayetteville, AR 72703-2640

  4. Matthew Goodson on December 10, 2023 at 10:39 am

    Holidays and Rehab

    As we enter into the holiday season, we see many addicts who wish to wait until after the holidays to seek treatment. They would like to spend time with their families and avoid missing yet another holiday. But what happens in most cases is they use more to get away from the harsh reality of their life that confronts them.

    They think there is no way out of the stresses of life and no way out of their addiction. The next thing they know, these anxieties push them to keep using, which could ultimately lead to an overdose and/or death. The realization that you must prioritize your needs over your wants is the most difficult aspect of entering rehab.

    I never wanted to become an addict when I was younger. Having a family and becoming an electrician were my goals. I got lost somewhere on that road. One pill turned into many, which turned into an endless amount, and I had no idea how to deal with my problems. One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my life was to go to rehab, but it was ultimately the best one. Who knows where I could’ve ended up if I had put it off.
    Matthew Goodson

    Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals. 1- 800-431-1754

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