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City Recorder/Treasurer abruptly resigns

Following recent receipt of a job posting submitted for publication by the city of Calico Rock for the elected position of City Recorder/Treasurer, the White River Current contacted Mayor Greg Hamby to inquire as to how the position became vacant and gain clarity on next steps.

Mayor Hamby responded by advising that receipt of a resignation submitted by current City Recorder/Treasurer Stacy Stanford had occurred during the executive session convened near the end of this past week’s regular meeting of the Council.

The letter of resignation submitted to the Mayor and Council by Stanford contained an effective date of April 30, 2024.

According to Arkansas FOIA, executive sessions may be called for the purpose of discussing a narrow range of topics which include personnel and/or disciplinary considerations.  Discussion in such sessions is strictly limited to the topic announced, with discussion of other topics a clear FOIA violation.

It should be noted that prior to convening into last week’s executive session there was no announcement to the public by the Mayor, who had called for the session, as to the topic on which it would focus.  In this case, “To consider a resignation”, would have been sufficient and maintained confidentiality of the party or parties involved.

That said, the process to fill the vacancy has begun with the City calling for anyone interested in being appointed to serve the remainder of Stanford’s existing term to contact City Hall for more information, application deadline and next steps.

From those qualified candidates who express interest, one will then be appointed by the City Council during an upcoming regular or special meeting.  This individual also will have the ability to run for the position following the expiration of the current term of office.


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