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WRC to change publication day

In an effort to achieve improved color image print quality and minimize logistics and distribution costs, the management team at the White River Current will be making a change in the contract printing service that produces the paper each week. This shift in provider will require a change in the day the paper comes out going forward.
Beginning next week, the Current will change its weekly publication day from Thursday to Tuesday. Consequently, local print subscribers will receive their paper on Tuesday, March 2nd rather than on Thursday. Vending machines will be loaded with new papers each Tuesday morning. Online subscribers will have access to the new edition of the paper during the evening each Monday evening.
For those who may be unaware, all print subscribers also receive free online subscription and access to all archived past editions.
To activate your free online sub, subscribers may go to the WRC website (, click on the Subscribe button and follow the prompts for a free trial. Your online sub expiration date will be set to match that of your print subscription.

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